Where would a blogger, chef, writer and photographer be with her team? I would be lost in simple words, but I can thankfully say I have the best team ever! My one core member is my Graphic Designer; she has been creating my graphics for over 5 years, she has created the graphics to every one of my ideas. My Photographer and I have worked with each other for 4 years now, we met through a women’s business group. My media writer has been with me in friendship for over 2 years and professionally this has been our maiden voyage.

I am so happy to give credit to the amazing people that have helped pour my new foundation and lay all the support beams. Slowly over months and months gracefully designed lines, colors, words and photographs have become Kate’s Curious Kitchen. I cannot begin to say thank you enough to you all, I am blessed to have you in my life and grateful your passionate work shows through within these pages. Please enjoy meeting my team!


WhitneyWhitney Hartmann

Whitney Hartmann has been taking pictures her whole life, but she has had a successful family and child portraiture business for almost 10 years. She loves capturing loving moments and beautiful things! She has a great eye for detail and sees the beauty in every day moments. You can find Whitney through her site and on FB: http://www.whitneyhartmann.com, https://www.facebook.com/whitneyhartmannphotography


coryCory Pironti

If she isn’t creating in her design studio, or painting something whimsical, she may be off exploring the coast in her VW van with her husband and ‘chi-weenie’. She’ll tell you she is inspired by the ocean and silver linings. Find out more at http://dandylinedesigns.com


margotMargot Stewart

Mother. Writer. Friend. Adventurer. Marketing consultant with a background in consumer products, apparel and non-profit fundraising. Eat well. Laugh often. Ask questions. Never underestimate the power of lip gloss or a great cup of coffee.